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Women Entrepreneurship

Women across the world in all generations have overcome all the negatives and proved themselves in all the spheres of life including the most difficult and intricate world of entrepreneurship beyond any doubt. Women, whether they live inside their home or working outside profess an independent outlook. They are proficiently gaining control over their lives and taking their own decisions with regards to their education, profession, lifestyle, and career.

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This journey of a woman from homemaker to entrepreneur is not limited to urban cities only, but women in small town and villages are now continuously making their voices heard loud and clear in the society. Educated or not they are making this presence felt, regardless of their social economic backgrounds. They are working with the high spirit of teamwork to give all possible co-operation to their male counterparts in meeting the set targets and deadlines in their respective professions.

Women EntrepreneursWhile successfully taking up diverse professions women also ensures a balance between their commitment to their professions as well as their home and family. Along with working professional, they are playing multiple roles of mother, sister, wife, and daughter with ease and remarkable harmony. There are several factors which have played a vital role in upliftment and women empowerment:

Role of education: Education has played an important role in increased self-confidence and enabled them to find better jobs, engage in public debate and make demands on government for health care, etc. In particular, education has made women capable of making their own choices about their health needs, nutrition, make choices that improve their welfare, which includes marrying at their own will and to the person she wants to. Education has increased women’s awareness of their human rights, their confidence and their actual ability fight for those rights.

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The Internet as a tool: With the growing access to the World Wide Web in the past few years women have begun to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter etc. and blogs. Use of these social networking sites has helped women to organize campaigns and voicing their opinions for equal rights without feeling oppressed by members of society. With easy access to the internet, women can now study from the comfort of their homes without any hassle, making work-life balance and learning at an affordable price.

Role of Government: Government and international organizations have also played a significant role in making the modern women what they are by launching various schemes for women empowerment like access to employment, education, health, urban development, rural development, infrastructure, development, etc. These schemes were made to ensure that women have equal rights and are equal beneficiaries in all programmes their needs and concerns are incorporated.


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