What are the barriers to women entrepreneurship in India

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The plot of women entrepreneurship in the subcontinent which was much declined in the early decades is gradually changing with the promotion of equal rights. An image of exploitation, discrimination, and illiteracy immediately conjures up in our minds whenever we take the initiation to read, write, or speak about women entrepreneurship in India. Due to the multi-sided efforts made to grow an entrepreneurial society that is equal for male and female entrepreneurs, more than thirty percent entrepreneurs in the world are women. It is a great pillar of sustainable economic development. The concept of entrepreneurship has gained global recognition as the leading contributor towards the economic movement of the country. Useful economic policy, ethical family support, awareness of democratic values, and literacy growth are directly related to the upward movement of entrepreneurship.

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Male Domination

Indian women entrepreneurshipWomen in our country are not treated equal to men and it is a big barrier in the regard of business. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana has been launched as the way out of male chauvinism in India. It is, however, a big question mark in the upward mark of women entrepreneurship. Even though a female is having enough ability and capacity, she is treated as a weaker category.

Family Responsibility

Indian females are more or less responsible for managing their kids and kitchens. Heavy family responsibility doesn’t allow a lady to start her own business. Family involvement is thus playing the role of villain in this instance which is near to unavoidable for many household ladies. Keeping the family planning apart is an effective way to manage time for self-employment.

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Shortage of Cash

Cash capital which is known as the backbone of product or service based business is pulling the women entrepreneurship backward. However, the shortage of cash is hitting any female aspirant of business in two segments. Most females in India are having less access to funding source as they are not likely to keep the property on their names. On the other hand, banks and lending firms consider the female entrepreneurs less credit-worthy. So, it is challenging to avail a business loan. But it is impossible to start a business by limited savings and personal loaning.

Risk Taking Ability

Males are more obsessed over achievement than the females. Females have low risk taking ability and here is no doubt in the fact; they are security loving, more or less. Economic dependency is the other thing where women aspirants are shorter than the male entrepreneurs. Shortage of capacity and weaker social attitude are two more challenges of women entrepreneurship across the country.

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Limited Education

Illiteracy is the topmost reason behind the socio-economic problems faced by the Indians. Eventually, the lack of education is resisting our entrepreneurs to grow. A major portion of female entrepreneurs who are aspiring don’t have a proper knowledge about this area. Technology, market, and corporate policies are interestingly the most important elements of running an enterprise. It is a big problem for women entrepreneurship in India.


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