Types of Business Finance Sources in India

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Types of Business Finance Sources

So you have been planning to implement the idea for too long and have been really tired of waiting accumulating the seed finance to start away with it and you have also realized no matter how much you save, it will never be able to beat the inflation of future considering it is saved from your salary of present times unless you have a really hefty paycheck. So, it is a time you should a give a serious thought to available options of raising finance rather than letting your passion and probable money which you can earn by starting out with it rather than letting it wait due to unavailability of money with you which can easily be raised from market considering dynamics of financial market these days:

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Types of Business Finance Sources in IndiaThe very first option which you can pay serious heed to can be your own savings. They can be little I agree, but they can still be your angel, they will save you from paying high-interest rates in the initial days and from incurring avoidable expense also they keep your option of availing loan safe so that you may opt for it when you really do not have any other option.

The trusted friends and family member can be probable lenders who really believe in your business ideas. The benefit is they do not need any eligibility criteria you should fit into to avail loan, but rather they should have faith in your capability and your project and your lending is usually based on that faith and goodwill and personal repo. Moreover, there will be the lower rate of interest or may be no interest at all which in turn can cut down your early days expenses.

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Next is most used and general option availed by budding businessmen that are turning away to Banks and Financial Institutions. Make sure you have your business plan and valid documents handy, and they are well formatted so as to get the approval of your loan. Then you have to make a choice between secured and unsecured business loan. A secured business loan will need to pledge your property of a monetary value more than the amount of loan in favor of bank which is not the case in the unsecured loan but it will yield the high rate of interest than the secured personal loan.

Crowdfunding is one of the trending source of finance these days and gaining popularity these days due to stringent norms put forward by lending institutions.

Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist are also one of the turns to options, they believe in your innovative idea consider your educational and professional work experience history and based on their findings gives a go-ahead for an idea.


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