Tips to increase sales in a small-scale footwear business

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footwear business

Who else not love to increase the volume of sales? Providing nominal and fixed price to the customers are not enough; few more things are there which are needed to be followed to satisfy the shoppers. Here are five things that will help you in turning the first time customers into permanent clients. Highly efficient for micro, small, or medium scale footwear business; the practice of below-mentioned tips may increase your sales up to certain percentage.

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Product Range

footwear businessIf you are managing and running a family store, you are well-advised to keep shoes for different gender and age group people. First time visitors may reject your retail just because your offered range is not wider enough to fulfill their desired range. The rule is different if your footwear business is targeting middle-age people or fashion savvy teens; i.e., a particular age-group. In such situations, you will have to keep your research on the changing demands of that group. The much you know the market, the much you can fulfill it. Don’t forget; demand is a dynamic element. It changes continuously. We also suggest you note down all those needs comes to you and returns due to the unavailability of product. It will help you to procure those products and offer to the esteemed buyers.

Service Quality

Offering average and fixed price to the customers are not enough; you need to satisfy them by your behavior and service quality. To offer complete satisfaction to your clients, you are supposed to convince your employees who are directly related to your business. A satisfied employee will add maximum effort in fulfilling the needs of a customer. But the first stage is to employ experienced staffs who have an in-depth passion for footwear. The selection of staff with a genuine interest in both product and customer will help you to make consumers feel secure.

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Engaging Exteriors

Not only are the interiors, the exteriors equally important for attracting the shoppers. As believed by business tycoons, the first impression is the last impression. It involves door size, color combination, signage selection, and logo placement. The exterior must convey the spirit of the store’s inventory. We know the external portion of your shop has been designed earlier, and it has designed well. Just make some modifications if it is necessary. It will help the first time customers to get an immediate impression of what the small business has to offer.

footwear businessSpacious Seating

Delighted customers are ready to buy or willing to pay more. Along with style and elegance, you store should be spacious. It should offer ample seating space to the shoppers. Without getting enough and comfortable place to sit, a buyer may choose a different store. If not installed by you already, try to install stylish and comfortable seats to give a warm welcome to your customers.


We can’t ignore the importance of in-store display which includes shelf design, color combination, lighting, mirror placement, etc. The availability of shelf will help you to highlight the newest designs, special discounts, and other featured items. Lighting is important for both windows and interior displays. Both the cheerful and practical lights are recommended. You should place them as per the demand of your shop. A shoe store can’t be imagined without the availability of mirrors. Appropriately located mirrors will enhance the appeal of your shop which will attract more customers. Try to install full-length mirrors if have not installed them earlier. To modify the display of your shop, you may face cash necessity. In that context, we must tell you about the easy availability of small business loan in fin-tech companies. Moreover, the fin-techs believe in best-in-the-market interest rates.