Steps for Strong Finance Foundation of Business

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Finance Foundation

Unarguably, Finance is one thing you can never ignore or lay less focus on while you are running a business. Having a very strong financial foundation in the initial days of your venture is an advantage which has already guaranteed you half success. Since you do not have to worry about cash inflow and finance will never be a hindrance in your business and its regular functioning. Here are the 6 steps you can take to ensure your finances are well in place.


1. Make a Plan and Stick to it – A well formatted business finance plan can work wonders to take your business to altogether new heights. The planned things are always better than an unforeseen event and managing it with limited means. To achieve a definite business goal a definite business finance plan is the only best solution.

Finance Foundation2. How Much You Have to Work with – A careful assessment of your venture’s income from all sources minus your all business expenses can give you a fixed number of the amount you have to work with. A definite fixed number gives you fixed goals and there after you can decide the path or steps to take to achieve those goals. So in all cases having such analysis and assessment done in advance is going to create a good value for your venture.

3. Set up a Savings Account – After getting to know the cash your all left with after you have paid off all liabilities, this calls for saving up some bucks to allocate the money efficiently and reduce or altogether avoid the borrowing tendencies and save your venture from paid high interest outside and inculcate a good habit of Saving for long term.

4. Crush Your Debt – After achieving a certain level in your savings account the next smart step is to crush all the outside debts to reduce the heaviest burden on company’s financial statement i.e. Interest rate and this way we can substantially reduce the avoidable expense and utilize the Money somewhere else.

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5. Emergency Fund – After going away with all debts, the next smart step is to set up an emergency fund and put money into it regularly. The purpose is to utilize the money in case of unforeseen events. Any unexpected liability which can arise any misshaping in business like theft, fire and damage are few probable instances.

6. Dream Big – A well formulated financial plan and achieving above mentioned goals will give you the required freedom of focusing on core operation of business and can let you dream big and set target for next financial year. So dream big and set on to achieve it.

All the above steps will ensure your long term growth and new heights for your business.


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