The real shape of a person comes from social media accounts

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The real shape of a person comes from his/her social media accounts

It is said that the real shape of a person comes from his/her social media accounts. If you are not familiar with this fact, you must be willing to know the pros and cons. Here we have presented a brief and informative documentary about the same. Social media, driven by uncounted numbers of platforms, encourages us to broadcast. At the same time, it encourages the broadcasting media to be narcissistic. It means social media develops egotism in us, the users. Being online, we spend most of the times with ourselves. Even if we are speaking to 5000 people at a time, it is impossible for us to guess what they are thinking. So, the focus naturally turns towards self. The platforms like Facebook or Twitter pulls us into ever expanding circles where we are unaware about everyone but worry about being judged by them. This is where social scoring system acts. The internet actually entails us to furnish to the partialities of strangers. In addition to this, we absorb the mores of each medium. Twitter encourages us to be sardonic (more sardonic) while the Instagram encourages us to document our lives as a film. It is wrong, right?

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Why-social-media-illustrates-the-real-shape-of-a-person1On our social media accounts, we publish ourselves in different ways. One tries to look like a huge animal on his Twitter account. He/she tries to be smart on the Facebook account. The mode of exposer is different on the Instagram account. Hence, the way a person behaves on social media is very different from his/her behavior while making direct conversations. Such mediums make us to polish, airbrush, and refine the messages with the movement of time. Here, in social score counting components, a conversation becomes a presentation. Instead of trying to be understood, we become eager to be liked, re-tweeted, and appear popular in other quantifiable ways. In fact, this is the only way our personalities unpack online.

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Initiated by our fear of being judged wrongly, we try to be more conscious in our social media accounts. We turn exaggerate because we try to perform for more people which are not a good thing for sure. Here we make multiple numbers of self-edits. By encouraging us, these platforms are indirectly turning us into narcissists. We are not making live performances, but we are performing on these platforms. It is not our faults. The Internet has turned a species used to intimacy into performers. But when it comes to the social score measurement, all the modes being collapsed. That’s why social boards illustrate the real shape of a person. Social platforms are exposing our elastic modes, reveal the upper and lower bounds of our dimensions. So, our behavior is continuously changing in accordance with the audience we are performing for. We all are having our own personalities. But we are re-shaping it again and again. In a single, our audience turns into our actual identity which is definitely a negative effect of using the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc.


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