Why should you prefer LinkedIn as a lead generation platform?

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LinkedIn as a lead generation platform

LinkedIn is perhaps the most effective platform for lead generation. Here you will come to know the topmost reasons behind its immense popularity among the business owners. Doubtlessly, LinkedIn is a career focused platform; it is a business-focused platform, too. If you are engaged with MSME business, you should know that the LinkedIn platform has huge geographic target markets. As said by senior users, 90 percent LinkedIn users (or more) are blessed with a college education or higher. 70 percent LinkedIn users belong to the age group of 25-54 years. Let’s explore 10 reasons to use LinkedIn as an effective business platform.

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1. It is one of the most effective ways to recruit new talent
2. It is even more important to B2B marketers than Facebook
3. It is the third most used social platform among business owners
4. It is perhaps the most effective platform for lead generation
5. It is a widely preferred information pool
6. It is the ideal network for establishing thought leadership
7. It has the potential to drive your post to all page followers
8. It is a huge social media platform for content distribution
9. It can improve professional face-to-face relationships
10. It gives your brand increased search visibility

LinkedIn PromotionIn addition to these points, LinkedIn is good for product or service launch. You can use it for introducing a new product, offer, or service. This platform is also helpful for market campaign or research. Eventually, LinkedIn can be the most valuable market research tool. Don’t forget that the LinkedIn community is made up of professionals, influencers, and decision makers. As we all know, this social platform is instrumental in building professional relationships. It promotes networking with individuals as well as groups. All the information shared through this platform is verified by expert professionals associated with LinkedIn. Have you joined with the small business groups on LinkedIn?

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Well, this stage allows you to build professional groups under the [Groups] section. There must be some groups in your business domain. You can join some of these groups for various reasons. By joining some of these groups, you can join group discussions and let others (business owners) know what you need from them. This act can also help you in conducting a job search. Not only is the business-to-business, this platform also helpful for business-to-customer promotion. Another thing you should know that the business promotion through LinkedIn is easier than the other platforms.


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