Organizational Growth: 10 ways to manage organizational attrition

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The world we are living now is a world of extreme competition where organizations are going through a cut throat approach and a plethora of opportunities. Most of the human resource departments in this fast moving world are facing frequent talent draining issues. The arrest attrition is, however, known as a vital de-growth element. How to convert it into a successful growth element is our subject of discussion. We will also discuss whether the organizational brain drain should be considered as a boon or a bane.

10 ways to manage organizational attrition’s

1. Do not skip the yearly increments
2. Respects the benefits you are getting from your employee
3. Polish and grow the competency level of your front-line employees
4. Define roles and responsibilities clearly
5. Allow your employees to enhance their skills
6. Offer advance salaries in urgency
7. Offer retention bonuses
8. Conduct employee satisfaction surveys
9. Develop a work environment that is based on team work
10. Rotate leadership responsibilities depending

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business IndiaThe young generation is coming with various skills and multi-faced competencies. Now one can be considered either for one opportunity or the other. Thus, opportunities are galore for a suitable talent. Losing an apt talent is certainly considered as an organizational loss. Human resource departments associated with MSME business groups always come with a long range of options. But restricting talent has always been a challenge.

5 ways to enhance employee engagement

1. Understanding the manpower needs
2. Transparent evaluation
3. Multi-directional motivation
4. Change in organizational behavior
5. Friendly work culture

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Attrition management has turned into a result-oriented approach of business growth. To cope with it, organizations have to start thinking from a rudimentary level, which has to be initiated right from acquiring talent. Understanding the fitment point in a better way is perhaps the basic need for resolving this issue. It is obviously a challenging job but you can simplify it by availing a business loan. To grow the organizational competency, it is very important to understand the aspirations of a particular talent. Job engagement plays a vital role in this agenda; it helps to keep the interest of the employee intact. Transparent evaluation helps the organization in understanding the current and future states of the employee. Once a talent is engaged to a certain area, he/she will not only be motivated to work according to tangential responsibilities but also be motivated to sharpen the skill set.

Is brain drain a boon or a bane?

Organizational behavior which is conducive in nature involves the work policies and process parameters; it is continuous, too. If you can deal with your talent draining culture, your small business is most likely to get a long-term boost from the financial front. Talent draining is from an efficient slot has to be considered as a bane. If you are willing to make a stoppage in front of frequent talent draining, you are requested to take unique (tangible or non-tangible) approaches. You should think more about your employee benefit. The more you will give, the more you get. The success of your organization will not depend on technical leaders and sales heads, but also on the manpower as the base of the pyramid. You also need to know that the talent draining is not necessarily a bug all the times; especially when attritions fall beyond the competent bracket. In such instances, organizational attrition can be considered as a boon, not as a bane. So, it is more important for your human resource department to identify the mode of attritions; a wrong approach can make your problem bigger.


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