Obstacles Faced By Women Entrepreneurs in India

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Women Entrepreneur India

Past few years have definitely witnessed a rise in a number of women entrepreneurs in India, but the struggle they do and obstacles they face to come up to that level still remain in dark shadows. India due to its cultural history holds a very strong traditional image of women where she was never a carrier oriented women, never supposed to earn money but always take care of household and kids. Modern times have prompted a lot of women to come out of their shelves but there is still a long way to go. Following are few of the many hurdles faced by women entrepreneur in India:

Women Entrepreneur India1. Poor Support System- The strongest hurdle is her identity itself as per the history, culture, and society she lives in. They all perceive her only as a home lady who is only supposed to take care of household chores, men and kids and is strictly supposed to not go out, have financial independence by having a carrier of her own. Even after this if she tries to do otherwise, she is pulled back and the trend holds more strong roots in tier II and Tier III cities.

2. Poor Availability of Funds- While starting out she has nothing, no savings since she was earlier dependent on her family financially and she does not own any property in her name. When she turns to banks and other Financial Institution, they hesitate to lend them as she does not have any immovable and worthy security which can act as a guarantee and be being a female herself makes it difficult because they do not consider her serious applicant. They think if not today tomorrow she will quit or be pulled back by her family.

3. Lack of Role Models- Since the successful entrepreneurs are themselves are very less in number and if they exist they get very little attention and media coverage, this gives rise to lack of role models for aspiring women entrepreneur and they feel without any purpose and motivation they can be feel like walking alone on futile and an unfruitful path which will lead them nowhere.

4. Not Enough Practical Experience- Having a professional working experience before starting out your thing is always beneficial than the case otherwise. Very few women have practical Knowledge of doing things. They have skills, knowledge, and idea but lack of know-how of practical implication act as a hindrance in their progress as a women entrepreneur.

Though the presences of these hindrances cannot be ignored, it is also a fact that given a chance and a bit of support in the form of required finance and mentorship, they can cross all hurdles and make a name for herself in the global world as an entrepreneur as well.


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