Why MSME Is Supported by Government of India?

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MSME India

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) is often touted as one of the support systems for developing and boosting the economy of a state and a country. India is no different in recognizing the power of MSME in enhancing the country’s economy. To help the MSMEs sector Government of India has come up with quite a few benefits and support for those registering under MSMEs.

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Why the Government is helping the MSME sector?

Why MSME Is Supported by Government of IndiaThe study also reported that with the government’s help there has been a significant rise among the borrowers that is about 4 lakhs between July and December 2017. Furthermore, compared to large corporates’ rate of NPA that has risen from 7.9 percent to 16.9 percent, the overall NPA rate for MSMEs sector has risen from 8 percent to 11 percent between 2015 and 2017.

Just based on these factors one can understand the MSME has been quite a profitable sector for the government of India and hence the center has decided to give it a boost.

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How Government is lending support to MSME?

In September 2018 the Government of India launched the contactless banking for MSMEs to bolster their growth. This banking process will enable the entrepreneurs to receive a loan of Rs.1 crore within an hour. A web portal has been launched along with other loans and schemes available for MSMEs. This banking system for MSMEs considered being a game changer in the next 6 to 7 months that will be immensely beneficial for the MSME entrepreneurs.

Indian government and Morocco have also signed an agreement to strengthen their MSME cooperation. With India having strong MSME sector in manufacturing while Morocco has a small MSMEs manufacturing sector, the African country intends to invest in Indian manufacturing companies. This will immensely benefit Indian MSMEs, as well as India, will continue to export cotton yarn, synthetic fiber, pharmaceuticals, and transport and agricultural implants along with chemical, spices and manufacturing metals.

Along with these the MAMED Act allows the MSMEs entrepreneurs to receive benefits like easy loan sanctions with low-interest rates. The owners of the micro, small or medium size enterprise registered under MSME also receive exemption excise, an exemption under Direct Tax Laws and also other legal supports such as reservation and interest on Delayed Payments Acts. Each State Government of India provides its own incentives, facilities, and packages to the MSMEs.

But before anyone considers registering under MSMEs, s/he needs to read and understand the definition that Government of India uses to determine and define MSMEs. Only if the applicant fulfills the definition and other requirements s/he will get the registration certificate of MSME.


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