Manpower, the lifeline of manufacturing business

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the lifeline of manufacturing business

It is said that the manpower, the material, and the machinery are the main lifelines of manufacturing business. Well, the manpower, also regarded as a human resource, outshines two others in terms of prominence. Some of the business personals, unfortunately, neglect this factor as compared to the other factors. This is maybe due to the lack of knowledge. Funding for small business in India is no longer a big challenge as many banking and non-banking organizations offers loans at low rate of interest and long repayment period with or without collateral. Micro, small, and medium scale manufacturing companies have to look innovative and creative ways to motivate and attract new talents if they want to compete and survive with well-established organizations.

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1. Installation of equipment
2. Procurement of raw materials
3. Cleaning of raw materials
4. Sorting
5. Product preparation
6. Quality check
7. Packaging of finished products
8. Labeling of finished products
9. Quality assurance
10. Storage of finished product

lifeline of manufacturing businessIf you are looking forward to moving towards the line of success, in the long run, you are strictly suggested to give little more focus on your workforce if it is neglected. You cannot ignore the importance of manpower for the following reasons. Quite interestingly, the recruitment of best talent has turned into a big challenge for new era small business agencies. Out-of-box thinking is necessary for you if you are keen in attracting the best set of the workforce with the investment of a low amount. You need to recruit an extraordinary recruiting team. Hence, you are supposed to train them.

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1. It helps you in identifying every bit of talent that is available
2. It helps you in growth and diversification of business
3. It helps you in reducing your labor cost
4. It helps you in utilizing your human resource in the best possible way
5. It helps you in avoiding the extra expenses specified for over-staffing

The utilization of manpower is a difference-making line in between the successful and unsuccessful organizations. That’s why we would also like to draw attention to the term called manpower planning. Among the wide range of prospects, some are given above. Manpower planning is directly connected to planning, organizing, directing and controlling which are considered as the mainstream of human resource function. It eventually controls efficient utilization of manpower. It is true that the productivity level increases when resources are utilized in best possible manner but you can’t ignore the importance of motivation in your productivity enhancement. Your manpower defines your success at the end of the day.


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