Low Investment Business Ideas with High Return Guarantee

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Business Ideas

Probably you are looking for a unique idea that needs less effort to be started. Or maybe you are looking forward to starting a business that is more likely to move and grow – a startup business that can lead you towards a guaranteed success. Here are 10 small business ideas that can be started with extremely low investment, but blessed with a high return guarantee. Before moving towards the next stage, you should know that the ideas demonstrated here are well-researched.

Beauty Clinics

Nowadays, more people are beauty conscious in India. It is telling us a story about the ever-increasing demand. Driven by male and female customers, beauty clinics are largely regarded as high-margin businesses. This is an appealing business idea in terms of profit but needs the least investment. You would be amazed to know that a beauty clinic offers 40 to 50 percent return on the initial investment. You can start your own beauty clinic, whether you are a male entrepreneur or a female.

Makeup Studios

Don’t you think that the makeup studios are high on demand? Yes, these are directed by extremely high market demand. Offering cutting edge makeup services, a makeup studio can be opened with a minimum investment. Interestingly, this business idea can offer high-margin returns on investment to the entrepreneurs.

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Dark Kitchens

You probably know that the dark rooms are effective in cheering up the mental condition if it is low or stressed. Likewise, the dark kitchens are also blessed with the power to turn a person if he/she is feeling bored, tired or cranky. These also offer appealing earning opportunities to the male as well as female entrepreneurs. Since the online brands don’t own the inventory, the partner store is completely benefited by associating dot com or collection centers.

SMART BUSINESS IDEASEvent Management Service

When the country is moving with the innovations of Startup India and Stand-up India, the corporate sector is looking for event management services in a broader range. It opens the demand segment which is continuously growing. That’s why it is the right time to invest in event management business – events are high potential in the market. It offers around 15 percent margins and sure-shot returns on investment.

Kitchen or Wardrobe Design

The built-in appliance market in India is still at a very nascent stage. Moreover, the 21st century is demanding more startup projects that are related to this area. So to turn the country brighter in global startup map, more innovative projects have to bring forward. Yet, kitchen or wardrobe design services are margin-making in this agenda. If you are thinking about 25 to 30 percent margin scale, you could invest in this idea.

Luxury Laundry Service

Laundry services are available in all Indian cities, but luxury laundry services are rare. Setting up a laundry with extravagance and professional services, you need to invest a little amount only. An amazing fact about this business is its margin scale which is 70 to 80 percent. In addition to that, this business has less chance to fail.

Health Bars

More health consciousness is turning up the demand for health bars. It is, however, a tempting business idea for B and C grade cities. In fact, it is revenue making when established in any a grade city. You could serve fruit juices, milkshakes, boiled eggs, and other health-dishes. The health bar market is growing at a CAGR of over 25 to 30 percent over the past decade.

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Direct-to-home Service

A busy lifestyle is not allowing people to visit the retails for physical shopping. It is increasing the availability of online business. Most of the online stores are active in major cities, but a less number is active in B or C grade cities. It means direct-to-home service providing business has a great prospect when it comes to earning.

Business Coaching

If you are interested in teaching, you could start a coaching point in your house or nearby. Here you need to invest one time, but the earning is continuously growing. It is a low cost white collared franchise helping franchisees double up their profits in just 8 months.

Small Gift Store

A small gift store can open great earning opportunity for you. It can be stated on a small or medium level. You could serve wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, firewall gifts, and birthday gifts to your customers. Interestingly, it doesn’t need any promotional investment which is definitely a great positive.


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