Jam, Jelly, Marmalade: Home Based Business

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Jam Jelly Marmalade Home Based Business

A home based business is easy to start. Several advantages are there to start a home based business. It involves less investment, minimum risk, and powerful enough to be a full-time career option even if started as a part-time earning option. We are here to guide you if you are seriously seeking for a small business idea. Jam, jelly, or marmalade manufacture is selected and profitable home based manufacturing business. This approach is also suitable for an individual who wants to operate a home business as a part-time earning option.

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Jam Jelly Marmalade Home Based BusinessMachine & Equipment

A pulper, a juice extractor, a cap sealing machine, a bottle washing machine, a refractometer, a carton sealing machine, a grinder, a mixer, and a slicer are essential requirements of a jam or jelly processing unit. A small scale production unit which is subjected to manufacture 30 tons annually also needs a weighing scale, working table, two canteen burners, stainless steel utensils, hand-gloves, cutters, a jell meter, and a glass ware.

How to Manufacture Jam?

1. Wash the fruits in water and remove the skins
2. Cut or slice them into small pieces
3. Boil these pieces with water
4. The boiling process will prepare fruit pulp
5. Now you need to add an appropriate quantity of sugar
6. Add citric acid, color, and essence when the temperature reaches 60 Degree Celsius
7. Stir the mixture for a while
8. Pack in bottles when the temperature cooled down

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How to Manufacture Jelly?

1. Sort fresh and healthy fruits
2. Wash them and start the boiling process
3. Fed to the hopper of a juice extractor
4. Filter the juice
5. Add enough quantity of sugar and boil the mixture
6. Add pectin, citric acid, and color during the boiling process
7. Boil it till jelly-like formation is obtained
8. Pack in bottles when the temperature cooled down

How to Manufacture Marmalade?

1. Gather fruits (orange and grapefruit) and remove zest from them; chop zest
2. Cut ends from fruit and remove pith
3. Cut fruit into sections and squeeze out
4. Cook the fruit along with zest; prepare the membranes and seeds
5. Add pectin bag to cooking marmalade
6. Bring marmalade to required temperature
7. Remove pectin bag after following the set test
8. Transfer marmalade to jars

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To run a jam or jelly based small business, you need to gather in-depth knowledge about some aspects. You need to know the role of ingredients, the recipe, the packaging, and market demand. Once you have started this unit, you can add a product or two in your production schedule. The products like chutneys, pickles, and sauces can be added to your food processing unit. But do not try to offer all these products until the plant and the management is ready. Else, you have to compromise with your product quality which may cut your business volume. But yes, one or two product can be handled very easily if enough knowledge is there.