Incredible facts about business establishment in India

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Incredible business facts about business establishmen

Few things you need to know before you make your move towards the establishment of a micro, small, or medium enterprise. It is not a risky job at all if executed with a proper plan and streamlined execution strategies. However, right awareness is the other thing that can help an entrepreneur in moving this journey. While doing so, few things you are supposed to keep in mind. This piece of write up will be focusing on some crucial things that you should not forget before starting an MSME business. Well, India has become the next business flash point after China because of its rapidly growing economy and its huge population. In fact, India market is almost reshaping the world’s economy with its growing middle-class people with their increasing purchasing power. Investment in every sector including food, health care, education, entertainment etc. has become a promise of high return. That’s why foreign investors are also showing their interests in establishing their business ventures in India. Indian business and economy is engulfed by the evils known as Fraud, corruption and corporate bribery. It is like cancer, slowing the bright future of Indian business and economy.

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Incredible business facts about business in India

We can see its existence from a higher level to the lower level in almost every sector. Corruption doesn’t exist from today. It is en-rooting itself from the very past, now taken a ferocious shape. Corruption actually means benefiting you by illegal means whether it can be bribery, saying lies, ditching others, theft of assets of information theft. These things are affecting foreign investments as the investors are afraid of investing their money or doing small-scale business in India. As a result, these companies look for only short term business polices. According to several surveys, corruption frauds emerged as the top most risk in starting and con-tuning a preferable business in India. In recent times Indian Government giving more effort to ‘Make in India’ initiative, which is nothing but an enthusiastic move for all the micro, small, and medium business starters. However, some of the lending companies, especially the fin-tech companies are providing profitable suggestions to fight in these situations.


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