A historical approach on social credit system

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social credit system

The historical practice of social credit system involves a lot of things starting from the definition. This professional initiative of this system had been taken by the Chinese Government with the aim to develop a national reputation system. It is an individual score which highlights the social and economic status of a person. Nevertheless, the Chinese Government focused on exploring these areas in the meantime of introduction.

1. Commercial activities
2. Judicial score
3. Social behavior
4. Administrative affairs

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historical approach on social credit systemThe government would catch the scoring line on the basis of the bank, the internet, and local governments, in initial years. In later years, the Chinese Government had introduced Sesame Credit which was basically a third-party driven credit rating system. A credit score is basically decided on the basis of your scholarships, travel rights, hotel access, insurance premiums, loan amounts, and other benefits. The social score is an official output of social, traditional, and online inputs. Apart from the credit likeliness, this system helps a lender to get the consumer evaluation and know the buying power scores. Your pay back capacity is being analyzed by the finding your scoring line. It is basically done by the banks, NBFCs, and angel investors. It can also be considered as the outline of no objection certificate as it brings a brief picture of social acceptance of a person. Due to the efforts made by Fair Isaac Corporation, this score is also known as FICO score. Maintaining a high score for all intents and purposes keeps you a step ahead of your loan approval, the acceptance of loan application.

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In 70’s decade, Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act have been introduced by the China Government which are considered as the revolutions in the social credit system. You know that the factors like race, religion, marital status, or age are not allowed by this system. In actual, this is the basic reason behind the introduction of Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Even though the equality law is introduced, data brokers and network advertisers try to collect such information. We can consider it as a drawback of Equal Credit Opportunity Act. In order to get more information on what social score is or how it works, you can make a little research on online publications. Unlimited numbers of journals are there to deliver information to the loan seekers.


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