Why is food catering is a suitable business option for Delhi-based females?

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women entrepreneurs for food catering businesses

We congratulate those people who have decided to start a food catering business in Delhi-NCR. On the other hand, we inspire those people who have decided to start a business in this region but not decided on the line of business. We must suggest them for food catering business as it is a continuously growing sector. It is blessed with a high capacity to return. If you are in the first category, you might be facing a small challenge in fulfilling your dreams, even though you have prepared your business proposal – you don’t know how and where to apply for an entrepreneurship loan. Well, here are few things that you are supposed to know as a women entrepreneur if you are looking forward to establishing your food business in Delhi-NCR.

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food catering businesses indiaOver the years, food catering business has turned into an appealing business option for Indian females. The scenario is even better in National Capital Region. The success rate is more than 60% if we count the newly established ventures of catering domain in Delhi-NCR. Let’s discuss why the success rate raising its level every year. More than 30 million people working people are living in this region. Both the husband and the wife are working in most families. Even though they are busy with their professional lives, they love of organize parties in different levels. But they hardly find time to manage the food catering, the most important segment of a family party, a get-together party, a birthday party, a wedding party, or an anniversary party. The scenario is even worse in the case of the corporate parties. Moreover, the number of corporate companies is increasing every year.

Therefore, the food catering businesses are high in demand. The Annapurna Scheme that has thrived in recent years is inviting the female entrepreneurs with a composite amount up to Rs.50, 000 as a business loan. Without asking for any EMI in the first month of your loan approval, this scheme will prompt you to return the credit in 36 monthly installments. Besides, Stree Shakthi Package is a popular name among the women entrepreneurs.


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