Financial Tips and Planning

Financial Tips and Planning to pave the way to a secure future

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To ensure a stable and secure future for yourself and your family, you must have the habit of saving and investing a part of your income, no matter how much you earn. A disciplined and patient mindset is required to manage your finances. Here are a few ways by which you can manage your finances to create a strong backbone for your future.

1. Review The Previous Year

Review your previous year’s savings and expenses and find out if you fared or missed out on your plan. Find out mistakes if any so that you can improve on them this year.

2. Create a Budget

A budget enables you to estimate an amount to be spent on each of your long-term and short-term goals, fixed and variable expenses, and limit each expense so that you spend within your means. Set priorities, analyze your expenses and take corrective action wherever necessary.

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3. Set Your Goals

Often goals are set on the basis of high aspirations and peer pressure. But you should bear in mind that your goals should be specific, measurable, traceable, and achievable within your means so that your goals do not get unachieved thus creating a huge disappointment for you.

4. Pay Yourself First

This means first setting aside your savings for the future before you even have a chance to expend it on something that suddenly crops up as a requirement. This ensures that your contributions for your future essential goals do not get skipped. This can be achieved by setting auto-debiting your salary account and transferring the same to your separate investment or savings account.

5. Maintain Fund for Emergency

If you fall ill or lose your job, chances are that you will be touching the money that has been saved for your future goals. Your existing home loans, business loans, or entrepreneur loans can lead to default which will ruin your credit history. So having an emergency fund that can help you to run your expenses for the next six months in case of emergency will do great.

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6. Control Debt

It often happens that you are tempted to enhance your lifestyle by taking business loans or entrepreneur loans, credit card offers or when you anticipate an increment in your salary. This may lead to over-expending because of the notion that these will get repaid easily. But surprisingly debt often gets piled up to that extent where payment of liabilities takes away 50% or more of your income. So you need to control your debt and avoid temptations.

7. Get Insured

Accidents and diseases come suddenly. So it is better not to ignore health insurance and life insurance premiums and start paying premiums instead of paying huge amount of money for unexpected hospitalization or treatment.

8. Stay Healthy

Health is wealth to all of us. Being unhealthy affects your career, your finances, as well as your family. So considering the stress experienced by you in your career, you have to maintain a good work-life balance, exercise regularly and take nutritious food to reduce your chances of illness.


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