How to Escalate the Loan for Women’s

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Women Entrepreneurs

Gender disparity is one of the issues that the present generation is still fighting with. The present requirement is women empowerment. women can only be empowered if we provide them the solutions of the problems they face. Easy finance is one such problem that has posses a threat. The government and financial institutes both have to work in different approach for development of women. Loan for Women’s will definitely empower more women. This will result in more participation of women in different sectors. Self help groups and small enterprises run by women will emerge and flourish more. Loan for Women’s can be easily provided in order to encourage them in various ways.

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Escalate the Loan for Women’sAffordable rate of interest:

Loan for women’s should be available at lower rates in order to support the initial phase of their business. Lower rates of interest will encourage more women to start their own businesses.

Longer term duration:

Loans provided to women should have longer term duration. Usually people neglect loan with shorter term duration as they have doubt whether they will be able to pay the loan back in such shorter time. This creates a sense of fear and people don’t take loans. With longer duration more women will take loan without having any sense of fear.

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Financial Aid:

Government authorities can provide loan to women for starting their own businesses. Government can aid them during the initial stages of their businesses. This could be in terms of finance, technology, land space, information etc. This will boost their morale and more women enterprises will emerge.

No Collateral:

Collateral is a major concern that constantly stings the mind of a lender. Loan for Women’s for should be collateral free. Most of the women who start their business belong to middle class family so submitting an asset as collateral is not possible for them. Loan should be provided without taking consideration of collateral. by this way only we can increase maximum participation of women.


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