How to dominate the market with a small business idea?

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Is it possible to turn an idea worth 10 thousand into a 10 million business? It sounds odd and peculiar. Obviously, it is a Herculean task to be accomplished, but not impossible. Finally, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Have you read the Rashmi Bansal book Stay Hungry Stay Foolish or Connect the Dots? If yes, you are familiar remarkable entrepreneurial stories those started with small ideas and continued with million rupee business. Some of them are with formal management education, and some are without. No matter how educated you are, you can turn your idea into an economically viable business idea if you are determined to do so. Interestingly, patience and persistence have been the keys for most of the MSME owners who have made differences. We are not inspiring you to embark on a similar journey. Work on your idea. Do it in your way. But do it with high willingness and professional ethics.

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small business advertising ideasIf you are facing challenges in choosing that one idea that can write a story for your career, we have some tips for you. To make your job easier, we are also presenting some small entrepreneurial ideas in this blog. You are urged to keep one thing in mind. Do not choose an idea because some other is doing well in it. Try to select it because you are good in it because you love to do it. You should start a small business as per your interest area and comfort zone.

Our PM says travel industry in India has to be promoted in the coming years. It is likely to get doubled even if it has witnessed a boom in the past years. In the recent decade, people are investing more in knowing and exploring. Thus, a travel agency is going to be an excellent entrepreneurial cut if you are targeting a safe future. You can start a home-based travel agency with a minimum investment. It hardly requires an amount of 10 thousand rupees. Trust us; it has the chance and capacity to grow your business without any stoppage.

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Travelers need to recharge their phones. Even though the online recharge options are readily available, it doesn’t cut the line all the times. Hence, a mobile recharge shop can be a viable business option if it is done alongside the travel agency. You are also open to starting a recharge shop separately. Maybe you will not dominate the market, but your turnover will definitely cross the line of 10 million rupees. Your travel agency or recharge shop can give you more profit if a breakfast cum tea shop added to it. A person can’t live without food, whether he/she is a traveller or local resident. Eventually, exercise book making, rain coat manufacturing, ATM space renting, banana wafer making, canned rasgulla making, acrylic buttons manufacturing, ice cream store, packaged drinking water production, iodized salt production, and milling business are highly profitable small business ideas.


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