Delhi-NCR is a sustainable destination for startup industry

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A destination that is considered as a sustainable startup destination needs a wide range of things includes skill sufficiency, funding flow, enough market size, viable infrastructural growth, availability of allied services, well-connected transportation system, and good future prospect. The market or markets associated with your projected destination need to be a suitable for the product of service you are going to offer. At the same time, it has to offer a viable infrastructural growth and well-connected transportation system. We all know that the elements are related to living hood. Your startup business will move forward when the population is enough. We are giving a list of most growing industrial corridors of Delhi-NCR.

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Top 7 startup locations in Delhi-NCR

1. Dwarka Expressway
2. Delhi-Meerut Expressway
3. Southern Gurgaon
4. Greater Noida West
5. Noida-Greater Noida Expressway
6. Noida-Agra Expressway
7. Noida Expressway

total-national-investmentsWhy Delhi-NCR startup destination is suitable for your business is the topic of our discussion which brings the transportation as the first element. Highway Facilities Centers, Bus Transport Systems, Regional Mass Rapid Transit System, New Rail Lines, Regional Rapid Transit System, and the newly constructed roads are making the connectivity simple. Metro Rail which is perhaps the best thing in Indian transportation system is connected to most of the points of Delhi-NCR. Work is going on to connect the isolated points. So, you should not be bothered in selecting any point of Delhi-NCR as your startup destination. This city also offers a healthy connectivity with the nearby cities like Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Jind, Saharanpur, Meerut, Agra, Lucknow, Karnal, Bulandshahr, Sonepat, and etc. Well-connectivity gives ensures easy availability of raw materials. If you establish your office or industry, you will also be able to get the raw materials at low prices.

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Top 7 growth areas of Delhi-NCR

1. E-commerce Industry
2. Medical device Industry
3. Real estate Industry
4. Food processing Industry
5. Hotel and Tourism Industry
6. Interior Decoration Industry
7. Healthcare Industry

Many more reasons are there behind the exponential growth of Delhi-NCR as one of the promising startup destinations in India. Self-motivated manpower, business-friendly geographical expanse, and rich reservoir are three more elements that are pushing this corridor. Delhi-NCR region is also considered as a major destination for the foreign investors. This city at present is accounting more than twenty-five percent of total investments and the share is growing gradually. If you are focusing on exponential future growth, it is suggested to choose any of the listed expressways.