Delhi-NCR set to rule the industrial corridor – interesting facts

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Interesting Facts

“What are the most promising industrial corridors in India?”, has turned into the most discussed question of this decade when the country is looking forward to boosting its foreign direct investment. According to the figures given by Indian government for 2015-16 FY, Mumbai tops the list of investment hubs; while Bengaluru, Nagpur, Pune, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon and Chennai are following. However, a recent study is representing the Delhi-NCR as the second most promising FDI destination.

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Industrialization is the foremost area that can push the economic structure of a country. That’s why the Make in India regime is probably the best regime undertaken by NDA Govt. It is stirring the manufacturing outcome, job creation and national tax collection, simultaneously. Here we want to portray the growing picture of Indian foreign direct investment.

2013 – $295.7 Billion
2014 – $319.7 Billion
2015 – $352 Billion
2016 (March) – $355.6 Billion
2016 (June) – $360.8 Billion
2016 (September) – $371.3 Billion

Industrial Corridor

The impact of FDI on Delhi economy is huge as it is boosting up the industrial sector unexpectedly. As per the Reserve Bank of India, the Delhi-NCR has accounted 25% of total investments, in 2015. This fact is telling us about the upbeat prospect of this city. E-commerce and real estate sectors are covering the manufacturing sector as these are with rapidly increasing rates. In the manufacturing, the health care industry is leading as it is targeting to grow up to seven billion dollars by the beginning of 2017. However, the FINTECH Startups in Delhi, food processing industry, medical device industry and interior decoration industry are following it.

Apart from skilled and self-motivated manpower it has, rich reservoir, geographical location, sophisticated infrastructure, well-connected transportation is the other positives of this city. With the initiation of local and foreign investors, it has turned into the leading manufacturing hub of the northern region. In addition to this, the NCR is projected for two smart cities which are definitely good news for the investors. Even the willingness of small and medium entrepreneurs is welcomed here. A large number of banking and non-banking firms have taken the responsibility to help the startup companies in integrating the ideas.


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