The concept and classification of small business finance

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A spotlight on small business financing

On the basis of a loan application, capital is supplied to small and medium-sized enterprises. It has turned into an actively performing industry. In order to move the MSME sector forward, numerous schemes have been introduced in the recent years. Excitingly, the small business finance sector consists of contribution based finance, asset-based finance, viability based finance, and factoring based finance.

Debt Financing

Debt financing is certainly different from the equity financing. Generally used to pay suppliers, this kind of finance should be non-critical for your company’s operations. In the case of debt finance, you will not be entitled to any business basics or profit management from the lending company. However, some of the popular business finance options are given below.

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small business financing1. Bank loans
2. Home equity loans
3. Personal credit cards
4. Technology based lending
5. Microloans
6. Credit union loans

The duration of debt financing depends on various factors which are controlled by lender’s internal processes. Due to the chance of risks bankruptcy, you are not supposed to go for an excessive debt while taking the benefit of this scheme.

Equity Financing

The concept of equity financing bi-directional as it stands for franchise financing and startup financing. So as to move forward a business, an aspiring or a current business owner lends money from any lending firm. Unlimited numbers of ways are there to avail a loan a new or an existing business, but the basic purpose is same. Some of the prospects of this kind of business loan are listed below.

1. It is blessed with the flexibility to pre-paying facility
2. Equity financing only demands an online application
3. It is easy and hassle-free from the beginning to the end
4. It does not ask for any collateral security
5. Equity financing does not demand credit history
6. It can be applied with the pre-paid amount if it is within the drop-line facility
7. Equity financing does not apply part payment charges
8. It allows the use of self-service account
9. Equity financing is based on timely approval

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You can avail equity finance from a bank, a fin-tech company, an angel investor, or from a private money lender.

Invoice Finance

Basically, stands for factoring or discounting, this kind of finance helps the business firms to borrow money. How your business wants to be perceived by your customers is the matter of concern in the case of this kind of business loan. It, however, involves the ability to obtain funds. If you are keen in taking the benefit of invoice finance from any lending company, you should know that the lending company will charge interest on the taken loan until it is paid.


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