Bindi Making is A Profitable Business Idea for Indian Women

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Profitable Business Idea for Indian Women

Bindi making can open fantastic earning opportunities for Indian women. Available in different colors, sizes, and shapes, a decorative designer bindi is a highly consumable product. It is easy-to-manufacture; and demanded in both rural and urban areas. This product has successfully replaced the traditional kumkum. This product requires a basic level investment. Belongs to a city or a rural location, Indian women can easily start this business on a small level. One can prepare this highly demanded item by the use of a small piece of velvet cloth along with a suitable adhesive. A standard bindi production line can manufacture high-quality designer bindis. It offers a simple quality line. The cloth that is going to be used should be soft and skin friendly.

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Bindi Making Machine

1. Bindi Dies
2. Bindi Printing Machine
3. Bindi Cutting Machine
4. Adhesive Coating Machine
5. Drying Machine
6. Hand Tools
7. Electric Motors

Profitable Business Idea for Indian Women Bindi Manufacture

Velvet cloth is the first and foremost raw material of bindi manufacturing. It should be followed by the decorative items like adhesive, glue, various stones, and other consumables. Plus, the arrangement of packaging material is suggested to you. Here you need to arrange the packing material as per the demand of your customers.

1. Gumming the cloth is the first step of bindi making
2. Use dies and cut the fabric into pieces
3. Paste it on over the separate paper sheet
4. Install bindi printing machine
5. Print the bindi and prepare for packaging
6. You can pack the manufactured product in a box or wall hanger

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Bindi Market

Perhaps you want to know about the scope and market space of this nationally consumed product. Well, the project demands proper marketing and selling strategy. So, you are suggested to hire a selling team that is efficient and holding a good understanding of Indian market. Network distribution is the next thing you are urged to focus. Even though it is a home based business, it has a huge market base. You can sell Bindi from a retailer. However, the online selling is also suitable for this small scale business.

Capital Collection

The business we are talking about doesn’t require much money; it is easier to start bindi manufacturing. Fascinatingly, you will not face many hurdles in collecting the capital. A wide range of online lending companies is there to provide you the working capital. Most of the lending companies are asking for best-in-the-market interest rate. However, some of the companies are also involved in sharing information about the future prospect and market space.