Beginning Of an Era: Women Entrepreneur

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Women Entrepreneur

The world has reached new heights of development across various domains such as technology, infrastructure and medicine etc. This feat would not have turned into a reality in the absence of women entrepreneur. Women in the past few years have acquired major and prominent roles and proved their metal playing the role of entrepreneur. They have walk on unconventional path, have dared to deny the traditional image of women as their only identity and have been very successfully be able to balance their family responsibilities alongside being a successful entrepreneur.

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Women EntrepreneursWomen entrepreneurs are the ones who have an idea and they work on it till the time it is turned into a successful profit making business. It’s all about the struggle they face of creating something from scratch apart from fighting with the conventional social elements who want them to do what they have been doing from ages, managing the home and kids. But fortunately they have moved way ahead of all this and hardly think to stop themselves and establishing them equally with men.

Now comes what it takes to be a women entrepreneur? Well a strong will to be so along with patience, fearlessness and smartness. The entrepreneurship journey is never smooth and a women entrepreneur needs to sail the boat against flow. Your family and society will try to pull you out of this in the name of family responsibilities but you have to stick to your mission to accomplish it.

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A major roadblock for women entrepreneur is finance like their male counterparts. A good idea is incomplete and remains on proposal papers with adequate seed and working capital. And that is hardest job to do. Enterprises are riskiest thing to invest into but they are most rewarding too. So scenario is changing slowly and steadily. Rising level of education and spirit to do something of their own is changing the Outlook of different financial institution and banks.

Loans are being granted without any collateral and at lower rate of interest than bank’s base rate. In the union budget a specialized fund has been set aside for start ups. Venture capitalist, Angel investors and various incubators are very seriously taking the entrepreneurship spirit of women while finalizing proposals. Crowd funding, Bootstrapping and various government schemes are also an option for budding businesses. You just need to make project proposal and keeping faith in that pitch to your future investors for your dream project. These institutions also act as your mentor in your journey.

So, this is the right time for the entire women entrepreneur out there to step in and grab the opportunity and turn their dream project into a reality. Step in bring on your ideas and keep moving forward with all your zeal and be a part of this celebrated entrepreneurial spirit.


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