5 Key Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneur in India

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The list of roadblocks can have infinite point if we count on, since they vary for all women based on caste, religion, location and family background. For women to come out of the age old pre-perceived image strongly and create an altogether new identity for herself was worth applauding specially in a country like India which has very strong cultural roots. Here under we list basic and most mutually exclusive hurdles women had to face in their journey:

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1. Women were being treated differently in family and in learning places; they were not given enough importance or were not considered capable of grasping technical knowledge. There was fixed life path which was decided by our history and then was carry forward by our society for generations that women’s only job is to play the family part, raise kids and never ever they imagined her of doing something inclined towards her career.

women entrepreneurship2. The policies which government formulated and implemented in the phase when the economic policies were very much focused on motivating the youth to take up the entrepreneurship and contribute to country and its various economic parameters, such policies were always being made keeping the male strata in mind. The policies at the very basic level were not women friendly.

3. The moment few daring women put their step forward to take up the new challenge of running a venture of their own, starting something of their own and be financially independent, she was stopped from doing so by putting forward the emotional factor from their respective families and they were constantly reminded of their family responsibilities, that how they could possibly ignore them if they set to be career oriented.

4. Before the commencement of digital world and all the formalities of starting venture being completed online, that was another big hurdle for women. They were taken lighted by government officials, they files were being kept on hold for months and they were no exception to get effected by corruption and redtapism and government and its various departments.

5. Women Entrepreneur were subject to an equal and strong competition from male dominated, organized and years-on-hand-experienced male entrepreneurs. They had to fight a long battle starting from their home to business partners, banks and society as well. Definitely she was expected to deliver at par of in fact a better performance in their venture to seize the market despite being treated biasedly by families, society and government.

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Well the fact is overcoming all these hurdles today she comes out really successfully and with flying colors. She left no stone un-turned to prove herself and with her strong will and determination, she proved she was no less than anyone but just perceived to be so..


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