3 Ways How To Be A Problem Solving Entrepreneur

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3 Ways How To Be A Problem Solving Entrepreneur

The employees look up to the entrepreneurs, they are considered to be the leader of the organisation and are expected to be the one who solves the problems. While it is true that the entrepreneurs are the leaders of their organisation hence they also have multiple works and errands to deal with. This often results in the entrepreneurs letting a problem hang loose without solving it. However, experts suggest that no matter how small a problem is an entrepreneur should address it as soon as possible because even a minuscule problem has the potential to become big if ignored.

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To be the leader who is at top of his/her game needs to be able to solve problems instead of neglecting them. Here are three ways how you can be a problem-solving entrepreneur.

Problem Solving EntrepreneurDevelop a Circular Vision

As an entrepreneur one needs to develop a circular vision, i.e. the ability to understand and analyse a problem from all possible viewpoints and come up with a solution that is logical and sustainable. Often an entrepreneur fails to analyse a problem with a holistic approach. This often results in the failure of viewing the problem that might have a long-term positive effect in improving the organisation, the work structure, and protocols of the enterprise. It might further lead to the company’s failure to evolve and compete in the market. One of the main reasons that a startup often fails is because of the lack of an entrepreneur’s ability to develop a circular vision to analyse a problem.

With a circular vision, a good entrepreneur would be able to see the problem as an opportunity instead of a distraction.

Communication without hesitation

It is of utmost importance that an entrepreneur develops an effective communication system with his/her employees. Often employees fail to communicate with the leader without hesitation, i.e. flag their concern because of the fear of getting fired. This often leads to the ground reality of the organisation not being exposed fully to the organisation’s head.

To be able to run an organisation successfully an entrepreneur needs to have a problem-solving attitude with the ability to develop strategic communication with the employees. With the employees feeling safe about their jobs will communicate freely, which in turn would create a sustainable solution to many problems.

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Breaking organisational silos

For effective communication one needs to develop boundary-free organisation, i.e. developing a cross-functional collaboration with the intention of finding a healthy solution. One of the best ways for an organisation to function is where the entrepreneur breaks the organisational silos.

An entrepreneur should provide the freedom to employees to provide rational solutions to any problems in the organisation. It is important that an entrepreneur develops a bottom-up and horizontal communication system instead of only having a top-down communication.

To be a successful entrepreneur it is important to create a sustainable workforce that does not indulge in factors like politicking, self-promotion, envy, power politics and ploys. It is only when an organisation can grow as the growth of an enterprise depends on its workforce.


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